Saturday, August 2, 2008

So this guy walks into a bar...

Well not just any bar. A Club.
And not just any club. A BDSM Club.

It was time for femPhin to strut her stuff at a popular SL BDSM establishment. Here's the text of my conversation with a fellow I'll call Master Dude. Only his name has been changed.

[2008/08/02 21:29] Master Dude: Evening
[2008/08/02 21:30] Phineas Messmer: hello
[2008/08/02 21:31] Master Dude: how are you tonight
[2008/08/02 21:31] Phineas Messmer: Good how are you?
[2008/08/02 21:32] Master Dude: where did you go

I didn't move from my spot

[2008/08/02 21:33] Phineas Messmer: Uhm....I'm right here. Do you mean where have I been?
[2008/08/02 21:34] Master Dude: yes very quite


[2008/08/02 21:35] Phineas Messmer: Okay... well I've been to various clubs and parties tonight
[2008/08/02 21:36] Phineas Messmer: I see you have some company ;-)

By company I mean a latex-clad redhead with her hand on his manhood.

[2008/08/02 21:38] Phineas Messmer smiles
[2008/08/02 21:38] Master Dude: friends and yes I am seeking females/subs for my family
[2008/08/02 21:39] Phineas Messmer: subs... wow! well I *do* have a submarine


[2008/08/02 21:39] Phineas Messmer: I'm just kidding...
[2008/08/02 21:39] Master Dude: very nice
[2008/08/02 21:39] Master Dude: ;-)
[2008/08/02 21:40] Phineas Messmer: Have you been a Master for very long?
[2008/08/02 21:40] Master Dude: SL or RL
[2008/08/02 21:40] Master Dude: RL 1yr
[2008/08/02 21:41] Phineas Messmer: Oh! in RL too?
[2008/08/02 21:41] Phineas Messmer: Wow
[2008/08/02 21:43] Phineas Messmer: How many women are in your family?
[2008/08/02 21:53] Master Dude: right now only 1
[2008/08/02 21:53] Master Dude: I seek 5
[2008/08/02 21:54] Phineas Messmer: Five!?
[2008/08/02 21:54] Phineas Messmer: You can handle 5 women?

4 would be enough for me. This guy is just bragging!

[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: yes 2 sextually

Okay...Now, if he was combining the words "sex" and "text" I'd think this clever but I suspect he didn't mean it.

[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: 1 Alpha
[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: 2 friends
[2008/08/02 21:57] Phineas Messmer: Hmmm, well I'm into girls, is that okay?
[2008/08/02 21:57] Master Dude: yes it is
[2008/08/02 21:57] Master Dude: where are you
[2008/08/02 21:57] Phineas Messmer: Yay!

Apparently he had a real hard time keeping track of my location. I suppose that's why he needed his girls so close to him and in chains. Vision problems. Yup, must be.
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