Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Not-So Glamorous Life of a Super-Model

With the dogfights, attending a meetup with Catherine Asaro, and seeing Elle again before her week off for a RL vacation, I had a fairly full SL weekend.

Sunday afternoon/evening was much slower. I was trying to stay away from SL when my sister Google IM'ed me and asked if I wanted to do some Gun Model poses.

Me? A model? Sure!

And thus began my first job in my femPhin modeling career as a proud GirlWithGun

It was all very exciting. Exciting for 3 minutes.

Once I held my gun in hand, all the work was in Zoe's hands. I sat in the car for a few shots, then stood on the gun-pose stand while Z moved me around. I went AFK for a few minutes and poured myself a glass of wine, I sorted inventory, I rezzed something I wasn't sure about and got in trouble for ruining a shot, I went AFK again.

When I finally returned, Zoe was gone! WTF?

Zoe Connolly: mmkay then...I'm done with the shoot. Thanks for posing!
Photographers! Directors! They're all the same!

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