Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 the Aether?

Journal of Eladrienne Laval, Rocket Lab Ass't

I have been reading recent comments about the relevance to theme of spaceports and spaceships in Caledon. If one actually visits Cape Messmer, they will find that it is informational and fun--dash it--with exhibits relating to Jules Verne and his works and their influence (such as Melie's 1902 moving picture Voyage dans le Lune), Edward Everett Hale's story "The Brick Moon" and Victorian-era theme. Verne's From the Earth to the Moon was published in 1865 and Hale in 1869. Hmm...the 1860s...I do believe that is within the Victorian era the last time that I looked?

Cape Messmer, as well as the Aerodrome complex, has sparked something inspiration-wise among the inventors of Caledon, the 19th c. sims and beyond. I love talking to inventors such as Mr Lykin, who developed a "transcommunication device" or Mr Denver Hax, whose tinkering with rocketry may get folks into the aether yet!

Just because Victorians did not actually make it into space did not mean they did not imagine it...Caledon is a nation of visionaries in more ways than one and Cape Messmer celebrates this as well as the RL visionaries of that era. It is a work in progress, so there will be something new to see for quite a while and the Prof. hopes to create a mini-moving picture tour.

Well, I am off to procure a bit of cavorite for display--and the Prof. is making me hold off on building a new Columbiad cannon after the last one post for another day...

Caledon Railway

My First Machinima. This was a test of following the Caledon Railway through Penzance and Morgaine.