Thursday, August 28, 2008

At least it wasn't "hey Sexy"

So I was visiting a club when I get this IM (Name changed to protect the horny).

[23:35] Big Fellah imagines an evening of dancing with Phin, holding her close...then retiring with her to a four-star hotel, a suite overlooking water. Drifting off to sleep with her, holding her from behind, her head resting in the crook of his left arm, his right arm encircling her, hand cupping her soft breast, his cock hard, inside her sweet pussy from behind, his face buried in the nape of her neck, drinking in her sweet aroma...then his giving her two or three firm, loving strokes with his large cock, only to finally drift off...awakening in the morning, still holding the lovely Phin, still deep inside her, still very hard, then giving her a few more loving strokes with his swollen member...the sunlight streaming into the room...a knock at door, room service arriving with cut flowers, fresh hot coffee, and breakfast for two.....

Apparently my RL straight man inside a lesbian avatar wasn't obvious enough for him. So far I've only been hit-on by men.

*scratches head and sighs*

Back to the drawing board. I'm hoping to be hit-on by a female next time. Or even a shemale would be a good step.
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