Thursday, August 28, 2008

At least it wasn't "hey Sexy"

So I was visiting a club when I get this IM (Name changed to protect the horny).

[23:35] Big Fellah imagines an evening of dancing with Phin, holding her close...then retiring with her to a four-star hotel, a suite overlooking water. Drifting off to sleep with her, holding her from behind, her head resting in the crook of his left arm, his right arm encircling her, hand cupping her soft breast, his cock hard, inside her sweet pussy from behind, his face buried in the nape of her neck, drinking in her sweet aroma...then his giving her two or three firm, loving strokes with his large cock, only to finally drift off...awakening in the morning, still holding the lovely Phin, still deep inside her, still very hard, then giving her a few more loving strokes with his swollen member...the sunlight streaming into the room...a knock at door, room service arriving with cut flowers, fresh hot coffee, and breakfast for two.....

Apparently my RL straight man inside a lesbian avatar wasn't obvious enough for him. So far I've only been hit-on by men.

*scratches head and sighs*

Back to the drawing board. I'm hoping to be hit-on by a female next time. Or even a shemale would be a good step.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Hairy Deal

I was urged by my hair-enthusiast sister to visit the Hairspray sim and check-out the new Hair Fair.

The freebie hut was a big "meh" (there's a reason those things are free, ladies).

Rosie the Robot agrees that my current fP hair rawks! Other than seeing Rosie, I wasn't much interested in the place.

No offense to Zoe - or others who suggested I go, but I'm more focused on expanding my femPhin wardrobe and not really into acquiring more hairstyles (or different colors of the same style). So this didn't hold my interest for very long. I like what I have and I'm stickin' to it.

Did my male-brain just not care? Give me a gadget expo and I'm all over it!

The bottom line: I saved my Linden Dollars today.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Song by VNV Nation, Film by Andy Huang

I first saw this on Zoe's blog but I'm so intrigued by this I'm posting it here as well. An amazing mashup of song and video.

elektricc wrote: "It's a mix between the great animotion of Andy Huang`s dollface and a new Song of VNV Nations CD Judgement. Even if it`s not a official Version it looks like it belong together...greetings from a fan."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thought Process

My Thought Process...

1- One of my favorite colors - Green.

2- Elle buys special Nicky Ree lingerie with me in mind in my favorite color - Green.

3- Phin experiments with female avatar (aka femPhin or fP).

4- Phin buys clothes for fP.

5- Phin likes the special green-version Nicky Ree lingerie that Elle recently purchased.

6- Phin buys his own green-version Nicky Ree lingerie that Elle recently purchased.

7- Phin thinks it would be cute if we had the same lingerie.

My Mistake...

Elle didn't like my thought process.

Where I went wrong? See number 6 and 7.

Thinking it would be cute, I took the special out of her purchase for me.

Thus endeth the lesson.

[looks at Elle] Sorry, honey!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Flight to Remember - The Accident

It was a beautiful day.

"Not much lag," I thought.

"Perfect" I said to no one in particular, donning my RCAF Jacket. I smiled, and as I watched the sun rise over Connolly Aerodrome I strode aboard my Bleriot (still an old favorite in my aircraft collection).

Stepping into the cockpit, I looked ahead of me, checking for any avatars on the runway.

All clear.

I started the engine and taxied a few meters before increasing thrust. I pulled-back on the stick and the aircraft lifted-off the runway. I smiled again.

Safely crossing several sims, I loosened my grip on the stick and relaxed my shoulders. More successful sim crossings across the Firth of Caledon.

Approaching the western edge of Caledon, I made my turn around Caledon Sound. For a few moments my eyes were transfixed on the sky. Windlight is so beautiful this time of day.


Without warning an errant object of unknown origin flew in front of my path.

Alarmed, I tightened my grip on the controls. Jerking the plane suddenly, I bit the inside of my mouth, tasting blood. I over-corrected. Disgusted I thought, "Nice one, Phin!"

I remember hitting something. It wasn't a slow deceleration, but a sudden near neck-breaking stop. In less than a second I was motionless.

What happened next was like a hallucination... I think... To tell you the truth I'm not sure if this was a dream or real.

My plane began to shake and shudder as a swirling wind-storm enveloped me.

I heard something akin to groaning as metal twisted beneath me. Within seconds I was thrown away from my craft. My flying machine appeared to implode.

Why was I still alive?

Higher and higher I flew with the storm. As my hands fumbled with the radio controls - I felt a growing nausea and pain in my stomach. Grimacing, I lost my hold of the device and watched it fall. It disappeared into the clouds. My ability to communicate with other pilots or anyone on the ground... gone.

My heart sunk further.

My mind was in as much a swirl as my body. A tornadic vortex had taken me to heights and velocities never before experienced by an avatar on the grid. I was frightened beyond measure. My brain was too addled by the ordeal and I was losing hope. I wasn't sure how I would or could escape peril this time.

Surrounded by a growing blackness, within seconds the sky was gone.

Feeling totally helpless, I closed my eyes and began to pray. I was convinced I would never see my friends and loved ones again. That I would never see Elle again. I accepted my fate, so sure that this was the end - I asked the Almighty for a quick death.

I opened my eyes. The blackness of space now surrounded me without any point of reference, yet I could still breath. Perhaps I was already dead? As I pondered this, I noticed my rate of climb began to slow and for a moment I was suspended in the air.

Then...the terrifying fall.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elle's Thoughts: What Not to Do #1

Aw, c'mon Phin! You bought the same Nicky Ree lingerie I had right down to the same color?


The look on my face says it all...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Not-So Glamorous Life of a Super-Model

With the dogfights, attending a meetup with Catherine Asaro, and seeing Elle again before her week off for a RL vacation, I had a fairly full SL weekend.

Sunday afternoon/evening was much slower. I was trying to stay away from SL when my sister Google IM'ed me and asked if I wanted to do some Gun Model poses.

Me? A model? Sure!

And thus began my first job in my femPhin modeling career as a proud GirlWithGun

It was all very exciting. Exciting for 3 minutes.

Once I held my gun in hand, all the work was in Zoe's hands. I sat in the car for a few shots, then stood on the gun-pose stand while Z moved me around. I went AFK for a few minutes and poured myself a glass of wine, I sorted inventory, I rezzed something I wasn't sure about and got in trouble for ruining a shot, I went AFK again.

When I finally returned, Zoe was gone! WTF?

Zoe Connolly: mmkay then...I'm done with the shoot. Thanks for posing!
Photographers! Directors! They're all the same!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Elle's Thoughts: Accessories Such As...

...earrings had never crossed Phin's mind, but I thought a pair of simple silver hoops would look great with that short, edgy hair.

"I love them!" Phin said. "I would have never thought to wear them!"

It is things like this that I find interesting about Phin. These entirely new concepts of what to wear and do...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The remarkable and accomplished Catherine Asaro

Zoe reminded me that Sophrosyne Stenvaag's Salon was about to begin. Author, astrophysicist and ballerina Catherine Asaro, gave some inworld time in Extropia to chat with a few of us geek-types.

As usual in our RL, I was on time while Z was fashionably late.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bending Reality

There is currently a lively discussion in the SL Blogosphere about avatar shapes and what is real and unreal. If you haven't read them, you can catch-up here, here, here, and here.

So, let me say this about that:

As a shapeshifting avatar recently exploring the Grid as femPhin, I gotta say - in the world of SL, so-called realistic shapes are boring. That is, boring if everyone *did* resemble their RL selves. I mean no disrespect to those who want to retain their RL appearance in SL, but it's a fact in my own personal case that I almost left SL because I felt constrained and uninspired. I've tried to find my way in the metaverse for over a year and other than having a few close relationships that mean the world to me, I wanted a little more from my SL.

My recent plunge into shapeshifting has given me a new lease on life in my Second Life. Changing forms and shapes is what keeps me here and keeps me interested.

This is the only virtual world that allows one to change avatar appearance so easily. I like being a human male, a human female, a tiny squirrel (and other assorted tiny avatars), and soon will go exploring as an abstract avatar (neither human nor animal).

SL let's me do this...

A male in Real Life, I can stand on a beach in Extropia - wearing a female shape, hair, skin, red bikini, high-heeled shoes that don't sink into the sand - and chat with my SL GF.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Air Combat this Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th

Attention EDF and RCAF pilots!

We'll meet at Skies of Tomorrow 9:00 AM SL Time. I'll lead on Saturday, ACM Sin Trenton leads us on Sunday.

Sin and I have discussed new rules for our organized dogfights. These rules are approved by Marshal Zoe Connolly.

Dogfights will be restricted to airplane flight only (no hovering craft) with a TCS max of 10HP. If the Ju-87 has 15, that is acceptable. Read more and feel free to comment at the RCAF Ning page:

For those who love to hover...

Worry-not pilots! Your dogfights are the following weekend of Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th. More details on the RCAF Ning and group notices next week.

~ Phineas Messmer, Air Chief Marshal RCAF and Commander EDF

Eladrienne's Other Life!: Does My SL BF Make Me Look Fat?

Thanks to my SL GF Elle for this post: Eladrienne's Other Life!: Does My SL BF Make Me Look Fat?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elle's Thoughts: Phin Was Right...

...because we went to Frank's Place II together and I saw how guys would walk near him, read his profile, and hurry away. *laughs*

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stopped in my tracks

Elle draws her weapon.

No, it's the dreaded carrot-gun!

She fired at my cute tiny squirrel feet! Acorn-bullets would have been my preference.

Point for any attorneys reading this:

I was NOT read my Miranda Rights.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Elle's Thoughts: To Know Phin is to Love Phin

I've been with Phin inworld since October '07. What is that...almost 10 months now? That's like years in SL. I joked that I'd start posting about my observations on his gender shift and he was like "go for it!" Phin's charming, witty, smart and funny as hell. This is the handsome Phin I've always known...And the beautiful female avatar below is the Phin I know too, and he's been happier inworld as fP than I have seen him in months. His gender switching has given him a fresh new outlook on SL and if anything, a new perspective on women in general as well. Being female in RL, it has been interesting seeing him wrestle with and contemplate things I take for granted as common knowledge. We all want to find our place, and I think he's found his for now.

He's been used to my shapeshifting all along, saying "I never know what Elle I will come inworld to", so I was (and am) supportive. At first, I was wondering "Will I be able to relate to Phin like this?" All my memories of Phin have been as in the pic above, but really--new memories can be made and in a world where you can be literally anything, it's just a form like any other. It's the person behind the avatar that matters and if he is happy, that's all that matters in the end, isn't it?

A visit from Z

Zoe Connolly (my RL sister) visits during her holiday finding me frustrated as hell as I try to build something that turns out to be crapola.

I call her Z, because it's just helluva lot easier to use than remembering all her Z name alts.

We discussed RCAF, EDF, Cape Messmer and Connolly Park Harbour.

Then I told her to scram and get back to enjoying her RL vacation ;-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly: Dogfight Furball

My first dogfight coverage post is here

Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly: Dogfight Furball

This is my second (or is it my third?) turn managing the air combat for RCAF and first time for EDF. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the first official dogfight that combines pilots from both air-groups.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

So this guy walks into a bar...

Well not just any bar. A Club.
And not just any club. A BDSM Club.

It was time for femPhin to strut her stuff at a popular SL BDSM establishment. Here's the text of my conversation with a fellow I'll call Master Dude. Only his name has been changed.

[2008/08/02 21:29] Master Dude: Evening
[2008/08/02 21:30] Phineas Messmer: hello
[2008/08/02 21:31] Master Dude: how are you tonight
[2008/08/02 21:31] Phineas Messmer: Good how are you?
[2008/08/02 21:32] Master Dude: where did you go

I didn't move from my spot

[2008/08/02 21:33] Phineas Messmer: Uhm....I'm right here. Do you mean where have I been?
[2008/08/02 21:34] Master Dude: yes very quite


[2008/08/02 21:35] Phineas Messmer: Okay... well I've been to various clubs and parties tonight
[2008/08/02 21:36] Phineas Messmer: I see you have some company ;-)

By company I mean a latex-clad redhead with her hand on his manhood.

[2008/08/02 21:38] Phineas Messmer smiles
[2008/08/02 21:38] Master Dude: friends and yes I am seeking females/subs for my family
[2008/08/02 21:39] Phineas Messmer: subs... wow! well I *do* have a submarine


[2008/08/02 21:39] Phineas Messmer: I'm just kidding...
[2008/08/02 21:39] Master Dude: very nice
[2008/08/02 21:39] Master Dude: ;-)
[2008/08/02 21:40] Phineas Messmer: Have you been a Master for very long?
[2008/08/02 21:40] Master Dude: SL or RL
[2008/08/02 21:40] Master Dude: RL 1yr
[2008/08/02 21:41] Phineas Messmer: Oh! in RL too?
[2008/08/02 21:41] Phineas Messmer: Wow
[2008/08/02 21:43] Phineas Messmer: How many women are in your family?
[2008/08/02 21:53] Master Dude: right now only 1
[2008/08/02 21:53] Master Dude: I seek 5
[2008/08/02 21:54] Phineas Messmer: Five!?
[2008/08/02 21:54] Phineas Messmer: You can handle 5 women?

4 would be enough for me. This guy is just bragging!

[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: yes 2 sextually

Okay...Now, if he was combining the words "sex" and "text" I'd think this clever but I suspect he didn't mean it.

[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: 1 Alpha
[2008/08/02 21:54] Master Dude: 2 friends
[2008/08/02 21:57] Phineas Messmer: Hmmm, well I'm into girls, is that okay?
[2008/08/02 21:57] Master Dude: yes it is
[2008/08/02 21:57] Master Dude: where are you
[2008/08/02 21:57] Phineas Messmer: Yay!

Apparently he had a real hard time keeping track of my location. I suppose that's why he needed his girls so close to him and in chains. Vision problems. Yup, must be.

New World Notes: Phineas Unmanned: Living Second Life In Another Gender

Huzzah! I've become a D (minus) list SLebrity!

New World Notes: Phineas Unmanned: Living Second Life In Another Gender

Random YouTube Video: Protest against sex tourism in Ukraine

This is supposed to be a protest against prostitution and sex tourism in Ukraine.

(scratches head) At least I think so...

Friday, August 1, 2008

RCAF and EDF Dogfight in Extropia

Pilots of the RCAF and EDF will meet at the Skies of Tomorrow sim in Extropia on Saturday 02 August 2008 at 9:00 AM SLT for dogfight.

We'll have air combat for approximately 45 minutes.

Our theme is : "Fly Your Favorite"

As always, one-on-one dogfights are welcome in Extropia and select void-sim duchies in Caledon.