Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Model Railroading on your computer.

Train Simulator 2015

When I was a kid I had an HO Scale Train Set complete with a little town. It took up a lot of space in the basement or bedroom. No problem now.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The lazy way to prosperity in Farming Simulator 15

First off, for a guy like me who has little to no interest in Agriculture, I found this game fascinating and addictive.

This passive way to game wealth takes about 8 to 10 hours of your real life to setup. Game time it's probably several months. I never kept track of the passing game days, so I'm not sure. 

Step 1: Sell all your farm equipment and buy your first Solar Panel from the Store. Cost is $125,000 and you'll have enough cash left over to save for your next Solar Panel.

Reason: Solar Panels provide you with passive income of $380 per hour.

Step 2: Accelerate Game Time by tapping the number 8 as many times as the game will let you. About 2 game minutes will pass for every second of real time. 

Step 3: Let the game run and buy Solar Panels every time you reach $125,000. While this goes on do the following...

  • Read your email on another device
  • Watch gameplay from favorite streamers on Twitch using another device.
  • Get household chores done.
  • Play with the cat and dog.
  • Etc, etc ... 

Step 4: Once you reach a comfortable level with Solar Panels move on to Windmill Energy. Windmills cost $1.2 Million and provide you with $4000 per hour of passive income.

For me personally, I chose the number 22 for Solar Panels and Windmills. Why the number 22? I was born on the 22nd of one of those 12 months you hear so much about ;-)

So, 22 Solar Panels provide $8360 in passive income per game hour, $200,640 per game day.

22 Windmills provide $88,000 per game hour, $2,112,000 per game day.

The important thing is to find the number of passive income generators that make you comfortable.With a little nest egg, you can farm any way you like with the best and most expensive farming equipment. My plan is forestry. 

Step 5: Buy stuff and play!