Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scenes from Phin's Jazz Club

There's nothing better than having a place you can call home...

...with a pretty gal at your side...

...who is not only beautiful, charming, and talented...

...but also your best friend in Second Life...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Taking an assessment of my own Second Life

In the stark world of RL, I was forced to make a decision last week. Thursday I went to the emergency room, concerned over chest pain and numbness in my right arm and leg. Everything turned out fine and I did not need a cardiac catheterization or some such procedure -- other than resting and managing the intense stress at work and my hypertension, I was okay. But 27 hours in the hospital - away from pleasant distractions - forces one to think and reconsider priorities.

I won't elaborate on RL changes, but will outline here how I will spend time within SL.

Here's the important stuff that will continue:

Time spent with my dearest friend Elle.

Time spent with my sisters from RL who are in SL: Uhura (non-blogger) and Zoe (uber-blogger)

My home in Caledon Penzance

The Royal Caledon Air Force and my passion for flying.

My new Jazz Club in New Toulouse (I'm most at home in Taloo and have plans for more land there as it expands).

In general I'll react faster to things that are fun and dump those that are not.

And now the things that must come to a close:

My parcel rights in Steelhead Harborside will be sold. I never really knew what to do with that lot other than to have a nice skybox I could have anywhere. And from what I've heard, I'm a wanted Squirrel there anyway.

My parcel rights in Caledon Morgaine will be sold to Zoe Connolly, keeper of the aviation flame in the steampunkery world and one of my RL siblings in SL.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A busy month for Mr JB Pennypacker

It has been an active month in RL for my personal typist and accounts manager Mr. JB Pennypacker. I do hope he will be able to once again assist with my electric journal.

At any rate...On with the journaling!

I visited my two best friends in SL recently.

Miss Zoe Connolly showed me her inworld aethernet journalism office in Port Babbage.

And just last night I went sailing with Miss Eladrienne Laval over the waters of the Caledon Firth.