Monday, August 4, 2008

Elle's Thoughts: To Know Phin is to Love Phin

I've been with Phin inworld since October '07. What is that...almost 10 months now? That's like years in SL. I joked that I'd start posting about my observations on his gender shift and he was like "go for it!" Phin's charming, witty, smart and funny as hell. This is the handsome Phin I've always known...And the beautiful female avatar below is the Phin I know too, and he's been happier inworld as fP than I have seen him in months. His gender switching has given him a fresh new outlook on SL and if anything, a new perspective on women in general as well. Being female in RL, it has been interesting seeing him wrestle with and contemplate things I take for granted as common knowledge. We all want to find our place, and I think he's found his for now.

He's been used to my shapeshifting all along, saying "I never know what Elle I will come inworld to", so I was (and am) supportive. At first, I was wondering "Will I be able to relate to Phin like this?" All my memories of Phin have been as in the pic above, but really--new memories can be made and in a world where you can be literally anything, it's just a form like any other. It's the person behind the avatar that matters and if he is happy, that's all that matters in the end, isn't it?
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