Friday, December 21, 2007

Miss Laval is Off for the Holiday!

Journal of Eladrienne Laval, Rocket Lab Ass't

I am packing up my carriage now, as I am off to the Lowcountry for the holidays and would like to wish all of you a very very happy holiday season!

I suppose the Professor will be alright, as he is sometimes is a bit absent-minded. I suppose that is not good when combining fuel mixtures and formulas.

Oh! Professor! Speaking of which, I did organize the most recent notes and be sure to read the ones from the fuel experiments! You wanted me to remind you of this due to the last time the lab, well, exploded.

My hair was singed for days and my eyebrows are just beginning to grow back...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cape Messmer Notes - from the Director's Desk

Consulting with my lab assistant Miss Eladrienne Laval.

Miss Laval and I discuss various exhibits and experiments at Cape Messmer in Caledon Morgaine. Miss Laval is seen here working on one of the moonships onsite.

A photograph taken during a time-travel jump to Spaceports Alpha and Bravo. Very inspiring indeed!

Testing of the Cubey Terra Rocketeer-inspired Jetpack. From Miss Zoe Connolly's Penzance Aerodrome to Mr. Mako Magellan's Kittiwickshire Establishment in mere seconds!

A close-up of the Rocketeer Jetpack.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Verne Display at Cape Messmer

Journal of Eladrienne Laval, Rocket Lab Ass't
I fear the Professor is being remiss in his posting duties, so I shall have to tell you about the progress of Cape Messmer. Scientists I tell you! Must I do everything around this place? Oh, where are those notes? Oh my...I probably shouldn't touch that gadget over there...

Professor Messmer believes the Cape Messmer Aethernautical Labs to be a vision of what efforts and interests Victorians had in aether travel in the 19th c., whether fictional or real. We enjoy talking to the inventors who stop by to demonstrate or tell us about their latest contraptions. It is a work in progress, so there will be more to come! If you visit now, you will find a lovely telescope, an illustration based upon Edward Everett Hale's story The Brick Moon, a tiny aether-ship by Mr. Denver Hax, and my Jules Verne "From the Earth to the Moon" display--complete with a replica of the space-capsule! Soon you will be able to use it to visit the moon! The Professor is very proud of his Tartan 2 aether-rocket, which he could probably explain better than I could. Do come visit and have a look around!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HG Wells' First Men on the Moon

Journal of Eladrienne Laval, Rocket Lab Ass'tDr Joseph Cavor

I am certain that I should be creating new items for the Labs or compiling the Professor's still-uncompiled and rather disorganized notes, but I came upon a rather amusing thing while doing research on the aethernet. It is a quite funny summary, with image stills, from a moving picture entitled "HG Wells' First Men on the Moon."

Cavorite and aether-spheres and Selenites, oh my!