Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My developing Skin Condition

When I first embarked on this journey as a female avatar last week, I had great help on my first day from my RL sister Zoe. She took me to RaC/Laqroki where I picked-up several female skins. Some of them were duplicates of her skin, but I don't want to be a clone of her. I'm finding my own look in female form.

Hence the lighter geek/goth skin I usually use as pictured below:

But of course, there they are in my inventory. Hawt tan skins. Tempting me. Must...not...use...okay I caved for 30 minutes while I was at Frank's Place - a Jazz Club.

The results?

Instant magnet!

Within 2 minutes I'm approached by this fellow who did the ol' "stand-next-to-the-avatar-you're-about-to-IM" thing. Then he did the "Reading-what's-on-my-screen" animation and promptly left after realizing who I really was.

5 minutes later I'm approached by this guy. I promptly told him about my RL, then he asked if we could just sit down and chat about shapeshifting. Nice guy actually.

Lesson Learned: Like any weapon, certain skins on certain shapes are to be used very carefully.
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