Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freedom of Choice

One of the most striking things I've noticed about being a female avatar is the limitless possibilities. I have so many choices for skins, clothing, hair, and footwear it's all very intimidating at first glance.

Fortunately I have two very lovely ladies on my friendslist for advice and counsel and I've taken their advice to heart.

Here's their advice: Have a vision of your avatar. Buy the basics and build from that to create your look.

My look is quickly evolving. A tall, slender, pale, goth/geek girl with tomboyish tendancies. At times femPhin (fP) reminds me of a female Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. At other times fP looks like an ice princess (ice princess in the generic, not the 2005 Disney movie), with pale complexion and a large number of blue in her wardrobe. I think of blue-ice. I hope this doesn't make me a cold heart.

At any rate, I've chosen blue as a color-code to denote that a RL male resides within the avatar, and in the interests of full-disclosure, I've given other clues in my profile.

Where else I go with my femPhin personae I'm not quite clear. Am I a robot? A human? Or something else?

I'll find out in due time. And so will you ;-)

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