Friday, July 25, 2008

The emergence of femPhin

After more than a year of what I would call part-time experience in Second Life, I thought it was time to shake things up and explore more of the grid. Part of that exploration takes me into shapeshifter territory and even challenges what I think about myself and how I relate to others in SL.

I decided to be a shapeshifter and I'm having a blast. Now even when my friends are offgrid or otherwise busy on projects. I'm having fun again.

In addition to being a normal looking male where my avatar matches my Real Life as a straight-male, I have a variety of tiny avatars as well as canine avs (Collie and Border Collie).

But I'd say the most interesting development lately is my plunge into the female form....

Why would a straight male want to look at himself as an attractive female avatar at every login? Read the question again. The answer is right there. And I would agree with this article that having eye-candy while ingame is a major plus.

In addition to that I'm finding an interesting side to all this. I'm working hard already on my particular look and while it was difficult to find quality clothing as a male, it's downright overwhelming to see the plethera of opportunities one has as a female. There's more of everything!

When I started on this road a few days ago, I had initial help from my RL sister (Zoe Connolly in SL). I was amazed at the ammount of linden dollars she has spent in evolving her present appearance. I thought: "I don't need all that"

Boy, was I wrong! I've already spent in 2 days, more than I planned to for the entire month! How do you ladies do it?

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