Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Form and Function

In a virtual world you can be or do just about anything. Recently that means spending at least part of my time in Second Life as a female avatar.

For reasons I've stated earlier, having a female avatar is eye-candy. Sometimes I stare at my avatar for several minutes. It's very hypnotic when you're so very attracted to the female form.

Breaking away from my avatar for a moment, I ponder the question of shapes and forms.

Being a real life male, I comfortably slipped into my male avatar in May 2007 and wandered about SL. When I first adopted a female avatar a week ago, something was different. My thoughts during the first few days were to think of my female avatar as another person (was this me turning women into objects?), and not really me the way I think about my male avatar. I did not quite feel myself the way I did when I was a male or even as a tiny. That feeling has quickly changed in the last few days. I feel more "at home" as a female, just as much as I do as a male. I can now change shape/gender as easily as changing clothes.

After a few days, I have a strong sense of "me" again. Being female in a virtual world is not only eye-candy, it's an eye-opening experience.
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