Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Tragic Loss of BoomShakalaka 1

In the annals of Kerbal Space history, there is an astronaut of legendary bravery with both science skill and piloting prowess. Unfortunately Jebediah Kerman was busy on another flight, so we were stuck with happily surprised with the arrival of his alternate Bill Kerman.

These shots were taken from the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration (KASA)  launch facility at the Kerbal Space Center (KSC)...

Boomshakalaka 1 just before launch

A catastrophic failure as the engine overheats, explodes...

Adding to this, stages fail to separate and parachutes fail to open...

Bill Kerman falls helplessly...



I asked a few key KASA officials for comments:

Deke Kerman: "I'm sure I've got another astronaut here. One sec."

Gene Kerman: "Bill called in sick the day we trained on parachute deployment."

Werner Von Kerman: "Ve vill build more rrrrockits und zhoot zem into shpaze!"

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