Sunday, February 1, 2015

My New Look and Roleplay Options in SL

For many months, I've intended to change my look in SL. Now that day has come!

Eladrienne is doing her own Elf-related RP lately. I'm happy she's having fun, but it's not really my idea of a good time - so I'll leave her to it. Besides, why not have interests apart from one another?  Friday afternoon after work I finally took steps to change my look and initiate some new roleplay options.

I've read many posts from Mr. Wooster's fine blog and his insights have been very valuable. Hat tip: Gabrielle Riel.

I decided to re-customize my avatar, props, and wardrobe in a way suitable for any roleplay between say, 1925 to 1965.

I have two particular ideas in mind for RP.
# 1, 1940 Private Eye

# 2, 1962 Cold War Spy

this guy looks familiar

I don't quite have the 1940 Private Detective appearance yet, but below is an interpretation of the posh white jacket Cold War Spy look...

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