Friday, November 30, 2007

Cape Messmer Aether Labs Now Official!

Journal of Eladrienne Laval, Rocket Lab Ass't
Here is an image of the Professor looking, well, professorial, and me barely restraining my glee. The Guvnah has declared Caledon Morgaine officially open and the bluffs are now officially Cape Messmer!

He laughed as I lifted up my skirt hems a bit and literally ran around the land like a madwoman for a moment. We both "Hoooo'd" as we surveyed the site to determine where things should be located. So much to do and create! Do contact one of us if you have questions about the Caledon Aethernautical Society and feel free to join! Stop by the Aerodrome or Cape Messmer anytime! Cape Messmer promises to be an interesting addition to Caledon and SL and the Professor and I look forward to meeting like-minded inventors, builders, scripters and aether-enthusiasts!!
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