Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Unofficial yet Ultimate Guide to Periscope

A few weeks ago I wrote an eBook about the Periscope app owned by Twitter. Here's the description from the Fiverr site...


My Periscope Guide has all the Tips, Tools, and Tricks from the best Periscopers, curated into one eBook. Get your copy today.

Whether you're promoting your business, a service, or broadcasting for your personal online brand, I can help you be a better presenter on Periscope. 

Using the tips and tricks I've learned from my own live broadcasts and observing hundreds of others, I will help you become an effective Periscope Broadcaster when you read and adopt the techniques outlined in my eBook. The Guide features the very latest information I've gathered and curated. 

Features of the Guide: 
  • Great people to follow. 
  • Best Practices for broadcasters. 
  • Promoting Your Show
  • Equipment extras you can find on Amazon. 
  • Expanded profiles of popular Periscopers. 

As of July 13, 2015, the guide is 23 pages and 3099 words July 21, 2015, the guide is 26 pages and 3545 words.. 

Order today for the latest on Periscope!

Eventually this will be available on Amazon Kindle. I'll have another post when it's released.