Friday, May 29, 2015

Tradewinds Yacht Club in SL (with a note on the Twitch ban on SL)

On a side note, I was very disappointed to learn of the Twitch ban on Second Life today. The ban occurred months earlier but was too vague for many, including me.

Yesterday, I completed a 20 minute test of Bright Canopy / Frame / Second Life on Twitch  and was fairly satisfied with the results. I had big plans to do regular SL live streams and conduct curated tours of interesting places.

All that said, I understand the reason why Twitch would ban SL.To quote the recent New World Notes article on the subject:

"...just about every SLer knows the noobie humiliation of accidentally taking off their pants in a public space when they meant to remove another article of clothing. In other words, it's very easy for an SLer to suddenly, inadvertently become Adult-rated -- even when they're not trying to do so."
In my own experience live streaming SL on Twitch about a month back, I did a stream of interesting places in SL. One of the stops I made was Fogbound, a very popular blues club. But as the venue and people started to rez, I realized I had to leave quickly in order to protect my Twitch Account. Not because this is a nudist beach. And not because of any sexually charged intentions on the part of the staff, DJs or patrons, but the simple rezzing of avatars provide for more than a second of unintentional nudity. 

At least now, today, it's very clear that SL is banned so I won't have the fear of being banned later. SL was less than 10 percent of my Twitch live stream content. I'll move on and stream a game. 

I could point out Twitch's hypocrisy and unfair policy but nothing will counterbalance the years of negative press SL has received. I'm only one man without the means of fighting an extremely successful company. A company I like and enjoy anyway.

But here's the bigger issue... In this age of easily excitable social justice warriors and outraged Twitterers, expect that Twitch ban list to grow.
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