Thursday, June 18, 2015

#E3Live Schedule for Thursday June 18, 2015

All times PDT.


10:00am: Blizzard
10:15am: Frictional Games
10:30am: SONY
10:40am: Disney Interactive
11:00am: TBA
11:15am: tinyBuild
11:30am: Indie Mega Booth
11:45am: TBA
12:00pm: Indie Mega Booth
12:15pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
12:30pm: PlayStation
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: Stoic
1:45pm: TBA
2:00pm: Square Enix
2:30pm: Konami
2:45pm: Blizzard Entertainment
3:00pm: EA
3:15pm: Nintendo
4:00pm: Wrap Up

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#E3Live Schedule for Wednesday June 17, 2015


#E3Live Schedule for Wednesday June 17 

 All times PDT.


10:00am: Capcom
10:30am: EA
10:45am: TBA
11:00am: Square Enix
11:15am: Ubisoft
11:30am: PlayStation
11:45am: Activision
12:00pm: EA
12:30pm: Xbox
12:45pm: TBA
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: 2K
2:00pm: Square Enix
2:15pm: Devolver Digital
2:30pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
2:45pm: Activision
3:15pm: PlayStation
4:00pm: SEGA
4:15pm: TBA
4:30pm: TBA
4:45pm: EA
5:00pm: Paradox Interactive
5:15pm: AlphaDraft
5:30pm: Wrap Up

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#E3Live Schedule for Tuesday June 16, 2015


#E3Live Schedule for Tuesday June 16, 2015

All times PDT.


9:00am: Nintendo Digital Event
10:00am: Square Enix Conference
11:00am: Ubisoft
12:00pm: Deep Silver
12:30pm: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
1:00pm: Xbox
1:30pm: Activision
2:30pm: EA
3:00pm: Square Enix
3:30pm: Nintendo
4:00pm: Activision
4:30pm: PlayStation
5:00pm: Activision
5:15pm: 2K
5:30pm: Wrap-up

Monday, June 15, 2015

GT E3 2015 for Monday June 15


(All times subject to change, cancel, or digivolve.)

GT E3 2015

Game Trailers Live 

Monday, June 15
9AM PT - Microsoft Pre-Show
9:30 AM PT - Microsoft Press Event
11AM PT - Microsoft Post-Show
12PM PT - EA Pre-Show
1PM PT - EA Press Event
2PM PT - EA Post-Show
2:30PM PT - Ubisoft Pre-Show
3PM PT - Ubisoft Press Event
4PM PT - Ubisoft Post-Show
5PM PT - Sony Pre-Show
6PM PT - Sony Press Event
7PM PT - Sony Post-Show
8PM PT - EA Games Interviews
9PM PT - Daily Wrap-Up
10PM PT - End of Stream

#E3Live Schedule for Monday June 15, 2015

All times PDT.


8:30am: Early Morning Preshow
9:30am: Xbox Media Briefing
11am: tinyBuild
11:30am: Larian Studios
12:00pm: Adult Swim Games
12:15pm: Devolver Digital
1:00pm: EA Media Briefing
2:30pm: Nintendo
3:00pm: Ubisoft Press Conference
4:00pm: Harmonix: Rock Band 4
4:30pm: 13AM Games: Runbow
5:00pm: Psyonix Studios: Rocket League
5:15pm: Studio Wildcard: ARK: Survival Evolved
6:00pm: PlayStation Press Conference