Monday, June 15, 2015

GT E3 2015 for Monday June 15


(All times subject to change, cancel, or digivolve.)

GT E3 2015

Game Trailers Live 

Monday, June 15
9AM PT - Microsoft Pre-Show
9:30 AM PT - Microsoft Press Event
11AM PT - Microsoft Post-Show
12PM PT - EA Pre-Show
1PM PT - EA Press Event
2PM PT - EA Post-Show
2:30PM PT - Ubisoft Pre-Show
3PM PT - Ubisoft Press Event
4PM PT - Ubisoft Post-Show
5PM PT - Sony Pre-Show
6PM PT - Sony Press Event
7PM PT - Sony Post-Show
8PM PT - EA Games Interviews
9PM PT - Daily Wrap-Up
10PM PT - End of Stream
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